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GrowoniX Replacement Carbon Filter

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GrowoniX Replacement Carbon Filter

Coconut Carbon Filter Green Block; Green Coco: NFS61 Listed Greencarbon. High flow with a low carbon footprint. Superior chlorine removal

Premium quality KDF85/Catalytic carbon mix for Grownix GOEX100 GOGX150 GOGX200 GOGX300 GOGX400 & Mini Scrub. *Flush 5 Gallons before attaching to membrane housing GOCF-2510-GB for GrowoniX GOEX100/200/400 GOGX150/200/300/400 & Mini Scrub.

Replacement Carbon (Green Block) for GrowoniX EX100/200/400, GX150/200/300/400 & Mini Scrub

HITE COCONUT CARBON FILTER 4.5" X 20'' CF-4520-CC Replacement Carbon Filter for the EX600-4000-HFT (Tall versions), XL-Scrubber

Carbon Filter for GX600/1000/Lil' Boss; 4.5'' x 9.75""

Eco Green Block Carbon Filter for GX600/1000/Lil' Boss; 4.5" x 9.75", 10 Micron, Coconut Carbon

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