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BioBizz Starters-Pack

Are you a person with strong organic beliefs? Do you care about the future? Do you choose quality above quantity? Or is it just about the flavour and the colour?
If you donât know where to start, then let Biobizz® make it easy for you! Our StartersáPack™is fully loaded with everything you need to initiate your own growing adventure, which will make you and your plants grow together.
Let the Biobizz® experience show you the magic of nature: rooting-, growing- and blooming-phases will be taken care of with the most amazing harvest as result. You donât need to be an expert: just follow our nutrient program and check it out yourself.

1000 ml BioáBloom™
1000 ml BioáGrow®
500 ml TopáMax™
250 ml BioáHeaven™
250 ml RootáJuice™

+ literature, magnet,pen & measuring cup

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