Environmental Controllers

Environmental Controllers

The Element 3 by LTL Controls is a highly advanced, yet easy to use controller for maintaining temperature, humidity, and CO2 within the growing area. The Element 3 features a super accurate remote sensor consisting of a series of precision sensors that monitor temperature, humidity, CO2, and light. The controller is designed to resist EMI/EFI from electronic/digital ballasts, features a superiorly engineered circuit board, heavy-duty internal construction, and high-quality UL/CE listed components to ensure years of operation. The Element 3 also has the unique ability to be connected to a Windows based PC (cord and adapter sold separately), giving you the option to manage and track settings on your computer!

The Element 3 has outputs to control 1 cooling device, 1 heating device, 1 humidifier OR dehumidifier, and 1 CO2 device. The advanced technology of the Element 3 allows you to customize the settings based on the specific devices you are using within your growing area to maximize efficiency and create the most ideal environment for your plants.

Used to Control:

  • 1 Cooling Device (fan, AC)
  • 1 Heating Device
  • 1 Humidifier OR Dehumidifer
  • 1 CO2 Device (complete PPM regulation)

LTL CO2/Temp/Humid Monitor

The LTL Controls Climate Monitor & Logger unit is a simple and affordable way to monitor your grow room. The front panel of the unit consists of three main LED screens for the display of temperature, humidity, and CO2 PPM status respectively. It is easy to monitor your grow room by setting the max/min setpoint of temperature, humidity, and CO2 to your desire. The unit also features a connection to your network by an optional IoT SPI to ethernet adapter, which can be purchased separately. Using the remote control application for your Android, iOS smartphone or tablet, you can monitor the environment of your grow room anytime and anywhere and have warnings sent to your phone if the growing environment exceeds your max/min setpoint. The three-in-one remote SA-S81 sensor is placed in the grow room to sense the growing environment while the Climate Monitor and Logger can be positioned outside for easy reading and monitoring. Take control of your grow room with LTL Controls! 

Input Voltage: 100~240 V AC, 50/60 HZ
Max Output Voltage/Current: 24 VDC/0.5 A
Temperature Range: 0-59 C
Temperature Accuracy: +/-0.2 C
Humidity Range: 5-95% rH
Humidity Accuracy: +/-7% rH
CO2 Range: 0-2000 PPM
CO2 Accuracy: +/-30 PPM
Working Environment: Temperature 0~50 C, Humidity < 90%

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