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F5 Industrial Blade Fans


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Industrial Blade Fans

Oscillating Pedestal

Our industrial oscillating pedestal fan is capable of moving 10,235 cubic feet of air per minute (for 30").  With the built in 3 speed control however you will be able to adjust the strength of air flow to get just the right amount for your grow room or greenhouse or warehouse space. The fan is constructed of heavy duty components and a very heavy base to hold it in place during operation. The fan can also be pointed in a single direction or oscillate to move air around. There is a wire cage around the fan blades so you down get sucked in or chop off a limb


Function: Our oscillating fan is suitable for cooling in factories, warehouses, workshops, auditoria and public place.

Features: Big air volume, small electricity consumption, safe and reliable, stable running, beautiful appearance, easy to install and dismantle.

In order to meet the needs of different place, our fans are divided into stand type, wall type, speed (or non-speed) type, adjustable pillar and fixed pillar type.


Floor Fans

Superspeed powerful fan rolls on top quality rolling bearings and a three-speed control. The blowing angle is adjustable (angle of elevation can be vertical). Characterized by such advantages as: powerful wind-flow, smooth angel adjustments, low noise, low heat, electricity-saving, low center of gravity, easy to move, and a sturdy protective guard of helical dense web, which presents itself as both safe and beautiful.