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K3 Series2 XL300 LED Grow Lights

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Full Spectrum (380-730nm)
Diodes 90 (3w, UV, IR)
Max Wattage 210w (±5%)
HID Wattage Equivalent 300w
Input Voltage 100-240V AC Power Input
Output Voltage UL Stnd. < 76V DC
Amperage 1.75A @ 120V / 0.875A @ 240V
LIfetime >50,000 Hours
Weight 14.76 lbs
Dimensions 15.75”L x 13“W x 3.25”H
RMH (Recommended Mounting Height Above Canopy) 18"
Footprint (RMH) 2' x 2.5'
PPFD Peak (RMH) 776
Warranty 3 Year
Certifications CE, ROHS


KIND LED K3 Series2 XL300 LED Grow Lights


The K3 Series2 XL300 is perfect for the home-based grower who wants a full spectrum LED grow light that's also super energy-efficient. It's meant for small-scale growers who want something light on the pocket but without sacrificing the quality of the LEDs.

The XL300 offers a 12-band spectrum that ensures your plants receive light that's as close to natural as possible. This also means that you can adjust the color of the light according to your plant's growth stages.

Their powerful diodes and lenses ensure that light penetrates the plants 200% more deeply, without wasting any energy. The XL300 has a total of 90 diodes and an HID wattage equivalent of 300W. Moreover, these UV diodes are guaranteed to increase THCs in your buds.

The XL300 has a three-year warranty and covers an area of 2 x 2.5 feet. Undoubtedly, it's the most energy-efficient and cost-effective grow light you can own for growing super-enhanced buds. 

Key Benefits:

  • Amplified quality and potency, with newly enhanced UV diodes to increase terpene and flavor profiles.
  • Significantly increase flower density and harvest weight with re-calibrated secondary optical lenses that focus light intensity and deliver 200% greater canopy penetration
  • Optimized diode distribution reduces the hot spots commonly found in LED grow lights, resulting in balanced, rapid growth across the entire footprint.
  • Lifetime professional grow support so you never have to grow alone.


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