Reflectors Grow Lights - Double Ended Reflectors DE


Introducing the economical Grow1 Wing DE™double ended reflector. Built with the same high-quality German aluminium as our Lil Hood™& Triple X2™, this durable, light-weight lamp offers the benefits of cutting-edge DE technology at a Grow1™price.Grow1 Wing DE™uses efficient DE bulbs, offering increased light spectrum, improved lumen maintenance and accelerated warm-up times.

Pre-mounted double ended sockets included
For use with 1000W and 600W HPS double-ended lamps.
High-quality German aluminium hammertone reflective material
Economical, Lightweight, and Durable
Solid construction with powder coated a hanging plate
A pre-wired 15 cord with Standard ballast plug to work with most popular brand ballasts.

Be.Lite De.Lirium+ All-in-One Fixture Kit w/ 1000W lamp.

This Kit includes (1) Interlux 1000W 400V Double Ended HPS Bulb (SKU 791000-D)

Runs (1) Interlux 1000W 400V Double Ended HPS Bulb INCLUDED


* Generator ready
* Runs MH or HPS lamps
* Energy efficient operation
* Silent operation and light-weight
* High Efficiency electronic ballast
* High output and improved spectrum
* Driver efficiency at full power: 95-96%
* Dimmable and multi-wattage with boost
* Completely sealed against the elements
* 600W, 750W, 825W, 1000W AND 1150W performance
* No acoustic resonance & lower harmonic distortion
* Ballast settings can be controlled remotely using our B.Lite Controller (sold separately)

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