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Rx Green Solutions Axiom Growth Stimulator

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Rx Green Solutions Axiom Growth Stimulator

For the wary grower, the Axiom Growth stimulator from RX Green Technologies gives satisfying results. It stimulates and encourages your plants to grow healthy and big without stressing them with too many additives. 

It contains a mixture of proteins, which are essential for plants to function. They act as building blocks for the plants and help in storing vital nutrients for the plants. They also help enzymes carry out some critical processes within cells. 

The Axiom growth stimulator is a safe and non-toxic formula - one that can be easily used in medicinal and edible plants. Using it triggers a response within the plant's immune system that makes it stronger and more resistant to diseases. 

Simply add two grams of the mixture in one gallon of water and apply to the leaves using a sprayer. Use in hydroponics, outdoor gardening, or in your grow tent - this stimulant won't fail to deliver  Grow healthy, grow Axiom.

  • Increased Yields: yield increases of 10 Ð 30% in vegetable crops
  • Improved Plant Health: Reduction of nematodes by an average of 50%
  • Increased Shelf Life: Increases shelf life of fresh cut vegetables by 5-7 days
  • Accelerate Plant Development: Increased roots, fruit size & number; early flowering, fruit set, fruit maturation.

Not available for sale in the state of California.

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