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Grow Supply Shop is one of America’s first online stores offering everything growers need for at home indoor grows and outdoor gardens. We source only the highest quality suppliers and our customer service team is highly knowledgeable in helping you select the best supplies for your growth. Our #1 goal is to ensure you'll always come back to us for all your grow supplies!

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Great products Save Money

RX Green products are fantastic. I have used Grow A & B, Bloom A & B, along with Energy (E-plus) and Bulk for over 2 years. My results with these products are all I wanted and more. More weight, more potency and less costly.
Over the past 6 years I have used other famous brand products, some with over 20 items in their line. Sure I got good results but it got very expensive.
Using RX Green Grow and Bloom greatly simplified my Grow, saves me a bundle, with better results.

I recommend RX GREEN products to any grower. They are used by Professionals but are easy for beginners to use.

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