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Grower's Choice X TSL Horti Tech ROI-E720 LED Grow Light

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For a commercial growth setup, the ROI-E720 is a fantastic grow light option. It features powerful LEDs having a standard 1850 µmol/s2 ppf. With its 46.8” x 46.9” design, it ensures a wider range of coverage, the ROI-E720 can easily cover 4'x4' or bigger production areas.

The ROI-E720 features efficient lighting with versatile compatibility options. Moreover, you can set ON and OFF times, customize sunrise and sunset timings, and change dimming options whenever you want.

Thanks to its focused and intense lighting, it can cut down your HVAC and energy requirements up to 40%. Moreover, you can turn off the fixtures in case of HVAC failures to protect them from overheating.

To withstand the environment and rugged use, the ROI-E720 features IP65 certification. Also, there is UL8800 certification. Ensuring value for money and reliability is the real deal for professional indoor farmers who want to convert at higher efficiency.


High Performance:
1870 - 2080 μmol/s Total Output
2.6 μmol/J System Efficacy

Energy Saving and Easy HVAC:
Up to 40% energy saving
40% less HVAC requirement

Total Control:
The ROI-e720 is controllable with Grower's Choice Master Controllers and is compatible with all quality master controllers. Cultivators can set the fixture to turn off and on at desired times, program sunrise/sunset settings, program dimming options and set protective fail-safes to dim or turn off the fixture in the event of excessive room temperatures, such as in the event of an HVAC failure, potential saving gardens from heat damage.

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