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Tiresias Mist Feminizer Bottle (1 oz or 4 oz)

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Tiresias Mist Feminizer Bottle (1 oz or 4 oz)

Obtaining feminized seeds is a tricky business, but not with the Tiresias Mist Feminizer. You are fully guaranteed feminized seeds once you apply this miracle formula to a branch. Sounds too good to be true? Try it out for yourself. 

Apply the mist to one branch of your choice every day for three weeks, or until pollen sacs appear. Make sure you're covering the entirety of the stem but don't over-saturate - just lightly mist. This pollen, when used on the rest of the plant, will produce only female seeds. No more apprehension or stress!

Moreover, you're also guaranteed that this formula contains all-natural and non-toxic ingredients. It's a safe yet effective way to obtain feminized seeds every single time. 

This affordable mist is available in two bottle sizes - 1 oz and 4 oz, and 1 oz is enough to use on one branch. Create new strains or save that delicious one by creating your own feminized seeds with ease.

Tiresias Mist used in conjunction with the directions allows growers to produce feminized progeny. Tiresias Mist is safe, effective and a reliable alternative to other methods that have disappointing results. One bottle provides enough solution for one branch that will produce female pollen.

That pollen is then delivered to the flowers of a dioecious plant which in turn produces progeny. Only female genetics are involved so you will produce feminized progeny.

Tiresias Mist (1 oz, 24 oz, or 1 oz 24 Pack) is made of naturally occurring minerals and is non-toxic, non-allergenic and will not cause harm to the user, plants, or pets. At the same time, the stem that is being treated should not be consumed (it will be covered with pollen sacs). In sum, here are the key considerations for using this product:

  • have fun
  • get crazy
  • start your experiments

You now have the ability and freedom to produce your own female progeny and genetics! Thank us later!


  • Always female progeny; no more guessing involved
  • No waiting weeks for overseas seed deliveries
  • A tap root from a progeny will produce higher yields
  • Store progeny for future use and crop timing
  • Easier to transport progeny vs. small plants & clones
  • Become your own 'mad scientist' by creating your own genetic strains
  • think craft beer
  • Allows you to save your strain

How It Works:
Tiresias Mist allows for even the most amateur grower to produce their own feminized progeny. The active ingredient in Tiresias Mist is safe and effective. A one ounce bottle will treat one branch of a plant to produce feminized progeny on the same plant, or to produce genetically female crosses with other plants. Effectively, what you are doing is taking a female plant, treating one branch, and enabling it to create male characteristics e.g. pollen sacs.

You can then take the pollen from that branch and pollinate the flowers of the rest of the plant to produce progeny that will feminize, 100% guaranteed.

Tiresias Mist - Directions for Use: 
Try experimenting by using the pollen from one plant to pollinate a different plant creating perfect genetic crosses while maintaining the 100% female progeny. Male progeny are impossible because the pollen still carries over the female genetics. This is different from using a hermaphrodite method as there is no risk in carrying over the hermaphrodite trait to the seeds while using Tiresias Mist.

Isolate plants that are being treated from other female plants you do not wish to produce progeny. Pollen is tricky and very efficient at finding females. Choose a plant that has not started flowering and is at least two weeks in the vegetative cycle. A good rule of thumb is to start treating the plant when it is five inches in height, and depending on the strain, is five days prior to going into the flowering cycle.

Mark one branch that you wish to treat. A ribbon works well. Protect the rest of the plant from any over-spray. Please remember, spray lightly so the entire branch is misted. Concentrate your spraying on the stem versus the foliage. The treatment of the full stem is the most important part of this process.

Mist the chosen branch once a day for 21 days. The male characteristics (pollen sacs) will lag behind the female flower so please be patient!

Continue growing your plant until female flowers are showing and are ready to collect pollen. You should hold onto that pollen for future and use your female flowers' dust with the pollen produced in step 4. Continue growing until your progeny are mature and then harvest and store them for future use.

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