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Aurora Innovations Master Pack (Natural Potting Soil Nutrients)

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A Complete Set of Natural Fertilizers for Potting Soil + Amino Acids for Massive Yields

The Aurora Innovations Master Pack is a complete set of natural fertilizers and nutrients designed for potting soil. This trial kit is similar to the Roots Organics Player Pack. However, the Master Pack adds two liquid nutrient formulas from the Soul product line.

You won’t have to guess how to apply each formula to your grow. The Master Pack comes with a complete feeding schedule. 

2 Natural “Rock Star Ingredients” from the Soul Line:

Soul Amino-Aide (8 oz): Increases plant vigor & yield with a complex amino acid blend 

Big Swell (8 oz): Boosts the size, quality & vigor of flowers with powerful botanical extracts, amino acids & molasses 

Other Products in the Aurora Innovations Master Pack:

Buddha Grow (16 oz): Increases yields & vigor with bat guano, kelp extract, soy extract, molasses, worm castings & yucca extract

Buddha Bloom (16 oz): Boosts yields & flavor during growth & flower stages with bat guano, phosphate rock, molasses, earthworm castings, yucca extract, kelp extract & soy extract

Trinity (16 oz): Enhances root & plant growth with a natural blend of complex carbohydrates & soy proteins

Extreme Serene (8oz): Promotes vigorous shoot & root growth with a seaweed mix optimized for high absorption

Ancient Amber (8 oz): Adds nitrogen to your potting soil with nettle and GMO-free soybeans

HP2 (8 oz): Adds phosphorus to your potting soil with natural liquid seabird guano & biogenic phosphate rock

HPK (8 oz): Same as HP2, but it adds potassium & magnesium via selectively mined langbeinite

1.8 oz Oregonism XL (1.8 oz): Enhances root system size & vigor while boosting nutrient absorption with healthy fungi & bacteria

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