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DeBudder Bucket Lid

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DeBudder Bucket Lid

With an endless pile of buds in front of you, the DeBudder bucket lid will feel like a blessing. This nifty little thing is a genius solution to de-bud tens of buds in one go, saving you loads of time. 

The DeBudder is designed to fit on top of any standard 5-gallon bucket. It has six openings that are different in shape and size to fit all sorts of stems. Plus, it's made out of super tough plastic, making it an ultra-durable lid that won't fail on you. 

To use the DeBudder lid, fit it on any 5-gallon bucket. Next, cut your stems, so they're two-feet in length. Hold the stem and fit it in between the appropriate opening with the buds inside the bucket. Now pull it through and watch your buds separate and fall into the bucket effortlessly. 

The DeBudder is most suitable for dry trimming, though it can also be used for wet trimming too.Note: the bucket is not included with the DeBudder lid.


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