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Earth Juice Bloom (1 Gallon): Natural Flower Booster

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If you're not able to grow big and luscious flowers, the Earth Juice Bloom Liquid fertilizer from Hydro Organics can do that for you. This unique blend of nutrients and additives gives your plants the boost they need without overdoing it. Use it as soon as budding starts and continue throughout the plant's blooming period. 

This formula is high in phosphorus, which plants need to convert nutrients into building blocks that allow them to develop properly. 

It also contains other necessary ingredients that enhance how your flowers and veggies look, smell, taste. For instance, it increases the terpene levels in some medicinal plants to enhance their resins and taste. 

The Earth Juice Bloom is an all-natural formula, without any toxins and chemicals and it doesn't contain any fish or fish by-products either. 

To use it, just add one tablespoon of the liquid into one gallon of water. You can also use this in conjunction with the Earth Juice Grow for best results.

  • Encourages rich flower development
  • Aids in the creation of essential oils, resins and fragrances of flowering and fruiting plants
  • Product may settle. Shake vigorously

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Earth Juice Bloom (1 Gallon): Natural Flower Booster

Great product

My choice of product for feeding my plants!

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