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FoxFarm Dirty Dozen® Starter Kit (for Soil & Hydroponics)

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Meet FoxFarm’s 12 Most Badass Nutrient & Microbe Formulas

FoxFarm’s Dirty Dozen® Liquids & Solubles Starter Pack combines 12 of the company’s most badass products to bring you a top-quality grow with massive yields. The kit is designed for soil and hydroponic media. 

The Dirty Dozen® Starter Pack Includes 16 oz Bottles of These 9 Liquid Formulations:

  • Kangaroots®: Enhances root efficiency with high-absorption nutrients & soil microbes that increase nutrient uptake
  • Microbe Brew®: Boosts nutrient absorption & encourages healthy microbe colonization in the root zone
  • Bembé®: Provides a complex mixture of sugars & nutrients to sweeten your plants & feed helpful microbes
  • Sledgehammer®: Facilitates the movement of water through soil & other media to prevent & reverse toxic buildup of mineral salts & fertilizers
  • Flowers Kiss®: Delivers plant nutrients that maximize absorption through the leaves
  • Boomerang®: Conquers stress from temperature fluctuations, mineral salt buildup & neglect while supplying root microbes
  • Big Bloom®: Infuses your grow with bud-boosting nutrients from bat poop & earthworm castings
  • Tiger Bloom®: Encourages big & potent flowers via phosphorus & nitrogen
  • Grow Big®: Increases plant size, structural integrity, lush vegetative growth & flower size

The Dirty Dozen® Starter Pack Also Contains 3 Soluble Fertilizers:

  • Open Sesame®: Supports vigorous blooms & bud development during early flowering with phosphorus & other nutrients targeting the root zone
  • Beastie Bloomz®: Encourages big buds during the mid to late flowering stage with a high-phosphorus soluble nutrients blend

Cha Ching®: Optimizes the late flowering stage with high-phosphorus micronutrients

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