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Grow1 Scrog Kit Pro

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Grow1 Scrog Kit

If you want your plants to grow taller and have an even canopy, this kit from Grow1 can do the trick. 

It encourages your plants to grow upwards instead of tilting sideways by supporting the stalks and flowers. This also creates room at the bottom of the plant and increases airflow, reducing diseases, and promoting healthier growth in general. 

The Grow1 Scrog Kit Pro's netting is sturdy and thick and can support heavy stems and flowers as well. Each square is 3" x 3" in size, giving the stems freedom to grow in their space while maintaining stature.  

The kit is easy to use - just spread the netting over the poles, securing them at the corners. It's elastic enough to stretch easily and support the heavier plants. 

The nets are available in 20" and 24" and can be used on five-gallon pots and larger sizes. It's an affordable and easy way for small-scale growers to support small plants and increase their height. 

(Pot & Soil not included)

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