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Grower's Choice Master Controller

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Grower’s Choice digital lighting controller enables the grower to control up to 200 fixtures. It is compatible with all GC-315 CMH, GC- 630NS CMH, GC-1000 DE fixtures, & ROI-E680 LED grow light. This dual-channel controller allows daisy chaining up to 100 fixtures per zone. En- abling complete control of your growing environment with timed on/off switching, sunrise/sunset, and precise temperature readings with dual thermal probes and thermal-threshold auto dim-shutdown for additional protection.

Master controller is available to control two lighting groups in a greenhouse. Output 0-11.5v adjustable DC voltage to control ballast output power or switch on/off the ballast. The controller operates on a 24-hour time cycle. The controller also has the ability to simulate sunrise and sunset cycle from 10-60 minutes. Each of the two-lighting group channels has a room overheat protection function that can be set as needed. You can use the LCD touchscreen to view and modify the current settings for each channel easily. Moreover, the controller is portable, easily installed and operated.

  • Output range: 10%~115%
  • Numbers of ballasts per output: 100 Max
  • Max cable length per group: 100M
  • Control voltage outputs: 2 group, A/B
  • Temperature sensor: 2 group, A/B
  • Over heat protection: Yes
  • Sunrise/sunset period: Yes
  • Setup ballast type: 1000W/945W/750W/630W/600W/500W/315W
  • Alarm port: 2 group, NO/NC
  • ECM port: 2 group, A/B;
  • Input voltage: 5VDC//2000mA
  • Weight: 0.5KG
  • Warranty: 3 years
More Information
Name Grower's Choice Digital Lighting Master Controller
Brand Growers Choice
Alternate SKU/MPN GC-Controller
UPC 713440683190
MSRP $399.00
Weight (lbs) 4
Warranty 3 Year

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