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Grower's Choice Master Controller - GCLC001

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Additional Information

 Output range 10%~115% 
 Numbers of ballasts per output  100 Max
 Max cable length per group  100M
 Control voltage outputs  2 group, A/B
 Temperature sensor  2 group, A/B
 Over heat protection  Yes
 Sunrise/sunset period  Yes
 Setup ballast type  1000W/945W/750W/
 Alarm port  2 group, NO/NC
 ECM port  2 group, A/B;
 Input voltage  5VDC//2000mA
 Weight  0.5KG
 Warranty  3 years


The GCLC001 is the ultimate light controller for professional indoor growth setups. It can control up to 200 fixtures at once. It's compatible with a wide range of institutions such as the GC-630NS, GC-315 CMH, ROI-E680, and GC-1000 DE.

You can daisy-chain up to 100 fixtures in each zone. The dual controllability allows you to set lighting conditions according to your crops and veggies independently. Moreover, it offers several features such as timed ON/OFF, sunrise and sunset timings, dual thermal probes for temperature precision, and many more.

The thermal threshold auto dim-shutdown feature is a valuable addition, providing better protection from overheating. Additionally, it features adjustable DV voltages up to 11.5 volts. One of the premium features is the sunrise and sunset cycle within one hour.

An interactive LCD touchscreen interface allows you to set and modify your indoor environment. Portable, lightweight, and easy to install, the GCLC001 is one great option for your professional farming setups.

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Awesome product and service

These guys were quick to get me in line with the people to solve the issues I was having! I'll definitely shop here again!

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