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Humboldt County's Own Killer Tea

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Humboldt County's Own Killer Tea

The Killer Tea from the trusted Humboldt County's Own is a growth stimulant used for plants throughout their life cycle. If you want to see those flowers and fruits grow big and juicy, this solution has the perfect blend for it. 

Its rich formula full of nutrients gives your plants just what they need, whether it's for the root cuttings or during the vegetative stage and blooming period. 

Killer Tea contains the freshest and most nutrient-rich worm castings. These castings have minerals and nutrients in their most usable form, so they act as a superfood for the plants. They also keep the soil healthy by providing lots of bacteria. Other than this, Killer Tea has a high concentration of seabird and bat excretion - another nitrogen-rich fertilizer. 

With all-natural ingredients, you can boost soil and plant health without any stress. Plus, it's super easy to use - the ready to use solution requires no aerating and won't stink up your garden either.

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