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Humboldt County's Own Purple Maxx

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Humboldt County's Own Purple Maxx

If you want to bring out those purple hues in your plants, Purple Maxx from Humboldt County's Own is your best bet. This all-natural solution will not just give your flowers a vibrant purple shade but also provide several other benefits. 

Purple Maxx contains naturally-derived amino acids and organic compounds that cause the plant to change its color. You can rest assured you're not adding any dyes or harmful toxins to your buds with this formula. 

This will also get your plants to produce increased crystals and resinous oils while enhancing their natural fragrance and strengthening it. 

To use this product, mix ½ - 1 teaspoon of the formula in a gallon of water. Alternatively, you can use it as a foliar feed by mixing 1 - 2 ½ teaspoons per gallon. 

Also, reduce the quantity of fertilizer by ⅓ when using Purple Maxx, as it increases uptake drastically. The bottle includes more detailed instructions for optimum results. 

Expect more visually-pleasing, fragrant, and resinous crops with Purple Maxx.

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