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NPK Industries Power Wash

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NPK Industries Power Wash

If you want beautiful, premium-quality crops and a high yield, you've got to take care of the little things, which is why the NPK Industries Power Wash is often necessary to use. 

This formula is designed to rinse out all residues situated on the leaves that may prevent the plant from carrying out some of its basic natural processes. 

Airborne particles, chemicals from sprays and pesticides, and lots of other stuff can accumulate all over your plant. This might clog up the pores on its leaves and prevent proper photosynthesis and intake and exhalation of gases. 

Keeping your plants clean is the key to healthy growth, and the NPK Power Wash is the safest solution you can get your hands on. It has 99.9% of the cleanest water with 1% of inert ingredients to clean even the most delicate flowers and plants. 

This ready to use formula can be used as a spray during all stages of a plant's life cycle. 

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