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NPK RAW Grow All-In-One

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NPK RAW Grow All-In-One

If you're tired of buying multiple ingredients and want one solution, the RAW Grow all in one soluble formula from NPK industries is for you. It's a blend of 12 RAW plants nutrients that is essential for plants during their vegetative stage. 

These ingredients include potassium phosphate, which is essential for a plant to develop its roots and shoots and to carry out its natural processes. This soluble formula also contains magnesium sulfate, which plants need for photosynthesis and nutrient uptake. 

Other ingredients include:

  • Plant protein hydrolysate
  • Potassium sulfate
  • Cane molasses
  • Sodium borate
  • Copper sulfate, 
  • Iron DTPA
  • Manganese sulfate,
  • Zinc sulfate
  • Azomite

Use this fertilizer throughout your plant's vegetative stage to help them grow healthier and stronger. Plus, this soluble formula is super easy to use - simply add one to two teaspoons of it into one gallon of water. For best results, use it along with the RAW CAL/MAG formula and watch your plants thrive happily. 

RAW GROW is a tested blend of all 12 RAW Soluble plant nutrients, essential elements and supplements. This blend has been proven to be an optimal all-in-one base ÒGrow", horticultural fertilizer. RAW GROW is used through out the entire vegetative stage.

Derived from: Plant protein hydrolysate, mono potassium phosphate, potassium sulfate, cane molasses, sodium borate, copper sulfate, iron DTPA, magnesium sulfate, manganese sulfate, zinc sulfate and azomite. Also contains non-plant food ingredients: Humic acids derived from leonardite and peat, kelp (ascophyllum nodosum), silicon dioxide derived from diatomite and yucca extract.

 Available in: 2 oz | 8 oz | 2 LB | 10 LB

For larger sizes please reach out to us as it is special order only!

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