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NPK RAW Microbes Grow

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NPK RAW Microbes Grow

If you've been feeding your plants all the good stuff but failing to achieve higher yields with bigger flowers, you need the NPK RAW Microbes Grow. 

The soil needs microorganisms, such as bacteria, that help convert nutrients into a form that can be easily absorbed and used by the plant's roots. Otherwise, none of the goodies would prove to be of any use. 

The NPK RAW Microbes Grow formula has just the right bacteria in the correct quantities for your plants during their vegetative stage. Adding this to the soil during the growing stage will help the plants absorb the nutrients better and boost their growth. 

Plus, this formula has the highest amount of CFU's (usable bacteria). After testing each individual species of bacteria, the final blend is tested to check if it performs up to NPK's standards. 

Just add the desired amount to some water and pour away. Increase the amount gradually, as instructed.


Available in: 2 oz | 8 oz | 2 LB | 10 LB

For larger sizes please reach out to us as it is special order only!

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