Grow1 Plant Ties, Holders & Clips

Grow1 Plant Ties, Holders & Clips

Soft Ties

16 ft, 50 ft or 250 ft of 5mm padded Grow1 Garden Soft Tie, perfect for securing plants to trellis netting, bamboo stakes, or other supports without damaging the delicate stems and plant tissue.

Twist Ties

164 or 328 ft of strong and durable Grow1 Garden Twist Tie, perfect for securing plants to trellis, stakes, or other supports. Plastic coated for gardening and outdoor use. This package also includes a built-in cutting tool for added convenience

Plant Clips

Packs of reusable, spring-loaded clips used to hold plants to supports.

Small clips measure 1.75" x 1.125"
Large clips measure 2.5" x 1.75"


Vine Holders

50 pack of large and small Vine Holders to gently hold vines to supports without damaging the plants.

Small Vine Holders have a 0.75" diameter when closed, the Large Vine Holders have a 1" diameter when closed.

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