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Platinium Super-Cloner


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Platinium Super-Cloner

Platinium Super Cloners are available in 3 models, a 12 site, 30 site, and 84 site. All three systems include the reservoir, tray, insert tray, neoprene inserts, dome, pump, tubing kit, and sprayers. The 30 and 84 site models can be converted into grow systems after cloning. Simply remove the insert tray and replace with square pots by Platinium Hydroponics.

  • 12 Site Measurements 10.7''x9.7''x19.25''
  • Reservoir 13gal
  • Number of sites: 12

30 Site Measurements 16''x14.5''x20''


84 Site Measurements 32.7''x15.7''x20''

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