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Secret Jardin Ducting Flange for 0.63" Poles

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Not satisfied with the placement of ducts on your grow tent? These ducting flanges for 0.63" poles are a genius solution from Secret Jardin to help you do just that. 

They allow you to make a hole into your grow tent to fit in more ventilation ducts without using any unnecessary tools. You can create perfectly-sized symmetrical holes anywhere on your grow tent with these flanges. 

These nifty little things easily attach to the poles of your grow tent at the corners. Next, all you'll have to do is use the cutting tool and screws sold by Secret Jardin to cut out a hole with one simple twist of your hand. Use the connectors to complete the new duct, and you're done. 

These flanges are also super sturdy and support up to 5 Kgs. Use them on any sort of grow tent to make a hole on either the roof, the sides, or the front and back doors. 



  • Ideal for venting grow tents
  • High sealing improving noise reduction and light leaks
  • Robust and durable design : Supports up to 5 kgs and resists tearing
  • Easy to install : On tubes or tent fabric
  • Choose your placement : Front door, sides, backside, tent roof
  • Compatible with Connectors DF16100 / DF16125 / DF16150
  • Compatible with Light Baffle with mesh DF16LB for passive intake

Customer Reviews

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I have a cheap grow tent 4x4x6.5. I wanted to add exhaust ventilation but there wasn't a vent hole on the side of the tent where I wanted the ducting to exit. ENTER Secret Jardin. The have all the gadgets to create a vent hole anywhere. I picked the model that attaches to the grow tent posts. This type can go into ANY corner of your tent. There is a great installation video on YouTube that spells out the process. Well worth checking that video to see if these products can solve an issue with your tent setup

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