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Trim Bin Filter

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Trim Bin Filter

This trimming bin from Harvest More is designed to make your trimming sessions easier and more efficient while reducing mess. It features a bin that measures 16" x 20" and has a height of 8". The raised walls prevent clippings from springing away and creating a mess, containing it all within the tray. 

The trimming tray also comes with a plastic collection bag attached to the bottom, which will catch all the grains and other materials. 

The lightweight yet durable build of the tray allows you to trim while resting on your favorite couch. When you're done, shake the tray to sift the rest of the stuff. The large holes of the filter will enable whatever you want to collect to fall into the bag. 

This filter is also compatible with the rest of the Harvest More trimming bins. So you can either use this on its own or attach it as an additional filtering layer to other trays from Harvest More. 


The Trim Bin Filter is the latest innovation from Harvest More:

  • Dimensions: 20 in W x 16 in L x 8 in H
  • Collection bag attaches to bin below screen to capture sorted materials
  • Stackable with all Trim Bins: use all three to sort your work and collect pollen (Sold separately)
  • Each Trim Bin Filter includes one 16 x 17.5 inch collection bag
  • Engineered and tested for optimal sorting
  • Ultra lightweight workstation
  • Easy to clean. Easy to carry
  • Made in California USA

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