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Weed Barrier Mats

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Weed Barrier Mats

When growing a plant your roots are by far the most important part of the plant, without roots the plant itself would not live. Roots can be killed by bugs, air, and light, keeping growers in a constant battle to protect this zone. Weed barrier mats are another weapon to add to your arsenal of defense. This dual layer material comes in an array of sizes for each of your gardening needs! The best way to battle bugs and pathogens is to not get them in the first place and Weed Barrier Mats will help you to achieve this goal!

Our weed barrier mats feature 6oz (170grams) fabric, heavier than most others on the market. Double layer fabric material is 100g (3.5oz) and the non-woven layer is 70g (2.5oz).

Material is woven needle-punched for the ultimate in durability, strength and controlling weeds. Nearly 100% opaque to prevent photosynthesis and seed germination, reducing the need for herbicide use.

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