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X Nutrients pH Down Concentrate

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X Nutrients pH Down Concentrate

Just like adding the correct nutrients in the right quantities is an important part of growing plants, the pH of the soil needs to be perfectly adjusted. The X-nutrients pH Down Concentrate helps you do just that. 

Whether you're growing crops using hydroponics or soil, the pH of the medium needs to be just right. Most plants require a pH around 5.5 to 7, while others require slightly alkaline or acidic mediums. Anything more or less might result in stunted growth and weak, lifeless crops. 

The X-nutrients' pH Down Concentrate helps reduce the pH of the soil, making it as acidic as required. The formula is highly concentrated, so use it with caution as it can quickly make the solution too acidic. 

To use the X-nutrients formula, add one ml per gallon of water and mix thoroughly (for hydroponics and soil, both). Make sure to check the pH before adding it to your garden. If you're using it on soil, ensure you're spreading the solution evenly. 

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