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2020 Guide: 8 Best Seed Banks that Ship to USA

We have scoured the internet for an updated list of the eight most highly raved-about cannabis seed banks and suppliers that ship to the USA. One of them is actually based in the USA, which means you don’t have to worry about customs agents taking your seeds. 

The seed bank selection criteria for this list include:

  • Lots of enthusiastic & recent customer reviews online from growers reporting real results
  • Strong social media followings
  • Solid privacy policies & secure transactions
  • Reputations for fast shipping to the USA
  • Speedy & friendly customer support from real humans
  • Authentic seeds from reputable breeders
  • Reasonable return policies
  • High seed quality, variety & freshness
  • Proven to go the extra mile for each customer, especially if problems arise
  • Payment method flexibility

These are the seed banks that get lots of customer reviews averaging 4.5/5 stars and reviewers who are more than happy to provide a ton of details about their experiences. 

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9 Best Seed Banks in 2020 that Ship to the USA

  1. BC Seeds (Canada)
BC Seeds

BC Seeds became the most famous seed bank in the world in 2008, when they launched their World’s Strongest Strains line. Top strains include Infinity Bud, Elephant Bud, and Oracle. The breeder has experience going back to 1974. 

If you do a quick audit of their customer reviews, you’ll find a surprising number of superlatives about this company’s strain quality and germination rates. Canadian growers rave about shipping speed, which is usually up to a couple of days. It’s easy to tell that these are not bots or paid hacks. 

Some of their strains are GMO. However, their genetic modifications lab is hundreds of miles away from their organic and non-GMO facilities. 

Their shipping is so stealth that no one has ever reported an interception. 

What are they known for?

  • 100% uber-stealth shipping guarantee
  • 0% interception rate
  • Lightning fast shipping
  • Insanely high germination rates
  • High yield
  • Stock is never more than 3 months old, including freebies
  • Generous amounts of fresh high-quality freebies (30+ seeds)
  • Flexible payment options
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Guaranteed delivery


  • Some strains frequently sell out, but that’s a great sign of quality
  • Long waiting lists for sold out strains

Visit the BC Seeds Website


  1. The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store (UK)
The Vault

They call themselves the Vault for a reason. Their shipping and privacy protections cannot be more stealth. They won’t even reveal their packaging methods in public. What we do know is that they add extra layers of defensive shielding in some cases. 

Payment methods include Bitcoin, bank transfer, cash (any major currency), credit, debit, and British Pounds checks. They give the option to place orders over the phone or through their shopping cart.


What are they known for?

  • Stealth shipping & privacy
  • Guaranteed worldwide delivery
  • Fast shipping
  • Freebies with every order
  • Large selection
  • Payment flexibility
  • Prompt & thorough customer service & support
  • High germination rate

Visit The Vault’s Website

  1. Discount Cannabis Seeds (UK) 
DCS Website

Discount Cannabis Seeds (DCS) is well-known for providing a large selection of high-quality strains from some of the best breeders at very competitive prices. While not a seed bank in itself, DCS buys wholesale from some of the top seed banks and breeders. You can find a list of suppliers on their homepage. 

Their shopping cart allows you to choose which free seeds you want on top of your order. You can pay with credit or debit on the phone. They’ll call you on the phone when you place your order.

What are they known for?

  • Free seeds with every order (choose them in the shopping cart)
  • Great prices
  • Large & reliable seed selection
  • Fast & friendly customer support via email
  • Generous discount promotions
  • High-quality seeds & strains from popular seed banks

Visit the Discount Cannabis Seeds Website

  1. Grizzly Cannabis Seeds (UK) 
Grizzly Seed Bank

Grizzly prides itself on discreet and “ultrafast” worldwide delivery with only your name and address on the package. 

They accept 50+ cryptocurrencies like Potcoin, Dash, Ripple, Monero, and Ether. They also take Visa and Mastercard, credit and debit, but the cards must be 3D Secure. You can also do bank transfers or send cash. 

Grizzly isn’t known for freebies, but you can qualify for free seeds with orders of 30 GBP, which is about $40 USD. 

What are they known for?

  • Very competitive pricing
  • Large seed selection
  • Payment method flexibility, including 50+ cryptocurrencies
  • Fast shipping to USA & worldwide
  • Discreet packaging
  • Fast & friendly email support
  • Great packaging
  • High SSL tech standards for payments


  • Freebies require a minimum purchase amount

Visit Grizzly’s Website

  1. British Columbia Seed Company
British Columbia Seed Company

The BCSC, not to be confused with BC Seeds, is best-known for its Couchlock strain. The strain is super-potent and lives up to its name. White Lightning is another original from this breeder. The BCSC is also one of the world’s oldest seed banks. 

Their seeds are so reliable that many breeders begin their breeding careers with seeds from this company. 

This company boasts tens of thousands of customers every year, and they don’t even advertise. Their business comes from word-of-mouth. The ad money they save is passed on to the customer in the form of lower prices. 

As of this writing (Jan 7, 2020), purchases redirect to It’s kind of a mystery. Not sure what’s up with that. 

What are they known for?

  • High-quality BC genetics
  • Unmatched Strain stability
  • Supplying breeders with stable originals
  • The Couchlock strain
  • Decades of breeding experience
  • Rock solid germination rates
  • stealth shipping
  • Guaranteed worldwide delivery

Visit the BCSC’s Website

  1. Gorilla Seeds (UK)
Gorilla Seeds

Gorilla Seeds customer support team is known for going more than the extra mile when righting wrongs. The only thing people seem to complain about is products being out of stock. Sometimes customers don’t know they’re out of stock until after payments are processed. However, if this happens to you, they’ll make you feel like you have just won the lottery. This is a consistent pattern. 

They are also known for super fast shipping and high-quality surprise freebies. 

What are they known for?

  • Top quality seeds
  • Fast & reliable customer support
  • High-quality surprise freebies
  • Order progress updates
  • Going more than the extra mile to correct mistakes


  • Some items go out of stock & the website might let you order the items anyway

Visit the Gorilla Seeds Website 

  1. James Bean Company (USA)

The USA-based JBC is an agricultural cooperative of “genetic artists” that launched in 2013. They aim to offer high-quality genetics for commercial growers, medical growers, and folks with indoor and outdoor personal gardens. All of their seeds are organic. 

JBC’s strain selection is limited because they only work with the best breeders. If you’re looking for the best quality, you can’t go wrong with this seed bank. 

What are they known for?:

  • Great prices
  • Fastest shipping within the USA (1-2 business days after payment)
  • High-quality seeds from carefully selected USA-based breeders
  • Prompt communication
  • Stealth packaging
  • Store credit or replacements for damaged items


  • The shopping cart requires you to email them with your preferred payment method if you don’t plan to order through snail mail
  • They do not accept Bitcoin
  • Fewer strains than many other seed banks

Visit JBC’s Website

Seed City (UK)

Seed City

Seed City was founded in 2010, and their experience and passion for seeds and genetics go back to the late 20th century. 

It’s worth noting that they price match other sellers worldwide to ensure you get the best prices. You must email them with a link to the exact same product on a competitor’s site. 

Freebies are limited to purchases of 25 GBP, which is currently about $33 USD.

Their website features a “Seed Selector.” It allows you to narrow your search by criteria like:

  • Breeder
  • Seed type
  • Singles vs packs
  • Flower yield
  • On-sale products
  • Popularity
  • Flowering period type
  • Growing environment
  • Difficulty level
  • Indoor flowering time
  • Outdoor harvest time
  • Stock availability
  • Medical conditions
  • More

Choose from over 5,500 strains from over 200 breeders and producers. 

If you choose any stealth shipping option, they put your merchandise into crush-proof tubes and conceal your items inside a gift. For the standard option, they hide the original breeder packaging in a high-quality DVD case and throw it into an envelope. They also offer custom stealth shipping on request. 

What are they known for?

  • Huge selection
  • User-friendly product search via the Seed Selector
  • Price matching to guarantee lowest prices
  • Lots of stealth shipping options
  • Fast shipping
  • Great customer support


  • Minimum purchase amount for freebies

Visit Seed City’s Website

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