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Grow Supply Shop Staff

by Grow Supply Shop Staff December 23, 2020 2 min read

Some folks just want to keep growing simple. That’s why Grow Supply Shop carries several magic-indoor-gardens-in-a-box setups ready to ship. They are perfect for apartments and small yards. 

These indoor garden kits typically include a canopy, one or more built-in grow lights, seedling trays, and more. 

SunBlaster kits are known for precision watering through their wicking mats. The mats work with the seedling trays to allow just the right amount of water into the growing medium at the right time. 

This eliminates the need to keep track of water schedules, water and moisture levels, and root zone airflow. 

We understand the importance of growing your own food and the difficulties of having the space and time to actually make it a reality. These garden kits could be a solution for some of you. 

Start growing your own garden today!

SunBlaster Micro T5 Grow Light Garden

As the name suggests, this is a “micro” version of SunBlaster’s T5 Grow Light Garden kit. 

The Micro T5 comes with:

  • 12" 11W 6400K grow lamp with ballast & power cord
  • 12” Reflector
  • Canopy that can be raised as high as 18”
  • Heavy duty reservoir with wicking mat for auto watering
  • 4 seedling trays for auto watering & aeration

The Micro has a total footprint of 18” x 8”, making it a ¼ size indoor home garden. 

SALE Sunblaster Micro T5 Grow Light Garden, Black
Sale: $79.99 (Save $20)
No Tax

SunBlaster T5 Grow Light Garden

The footprint of the non-Micro version is 24” x 16”. That makes it more than 267% the size of the Micro. 

What else is different?

  • 2 24” 24W grow lights with ballasts
  • 2 reflectors instead of 1
Sunblaster T5 Grow Light Garden, Black
Sale: $138.33 (Save $31.66)
FREE Shipping & No Tax

SunBlaster LED Grow Light Garden

LED is the way to go if you have a few extra bucks to spend upfront. You’ll thank yourself each month when the electric bill comes in. Think of it as a VERY wise investment. 

The LED version is similar to the regular T5. It has the same footprint size of 24” x 16”. The main difference is LED lights. It comes with 2 18” 18W 6400K LED strip lights. No bulbs or ballasts to worry about. 

Sale: $201.33 (Save $8.66)
FREE Shipping & No Tax

SunBlaster MICRO LED Grow Light Garden

Yes, there’s a Micro version for the LED kit, too. 

Same 18” x 8” footprint. Same almost everything else, too. 

It comes with one 12” 12W 6400K LED strip light plus all the great features SunBlaster packs into all of the above models. 

Sale: $89.99 (Save $20.00)
FREE Shipping on orders over $100, No Tax
Ask a Growing Expert
If you have any questions about indoor garden grow light kits, or about growing in general, call or text us. We’re growers!
Grow Supply Shop Staff
Grow Supply Shop Staff

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