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Grow Supply Shop Staff

by Grow Supply Shop Staff December 11, 2020 4 min read

Are you ready for an amazing grow room setup in 2021? With more states legalizing growing, it is no wonder you might be. What do you need to grow? Location, light, and nutrients/soil are great places to start.  

Here are some of our picks for grow tents, grow lights, and nutrient starter kits to help you get started today!

Remember, we’re growers too. The products we recommend are all products we have tested ourselves, or know someone who has. Get your grow on.

Grow Room Tents

At Grow Supply Shop, we are big fans of Gorilla grow tents. Why? 

This is why…

  • They are extremely durable
  • Tent poles are 100% steel & 200% to 500% stronger than other poles
  • Walls & steel fasteners are ultra-strong 
  • The door layout gives you 360 degrees of easy access to your plants
  • Reflective walls add extra power to your lighting system
  • Leak-proof ducting ports protect plants from overheating by improving airflow
  • You can check your plants without entering because the windows are large
  • They come loaded with pest control mesh, water catchers & infrared blockers
  • Heights are extendable by 12” or (if you buy the extension kit) 24”

To sum it all up: Multiple features optimize your light efficiency, it’s easier to access your grow, you can customize the height, and Gorillas are built to last. 

Popular Gorilla Tent Sizes & Styles
All models include FAST & FREE shipping, ZERO tax, and a lowest price guarantee. 
The Original Gorilla Grow Tent® 5' x 9' x 6'11"
Sale: $558.86 (Save $62.09)
+ Optional 24” Extension Kit: $104.36 (Save $21.59)
Gorilla LITE LINE Indoor 4' x 8' x 6'7" Grow Tent
Sale: $345.56 (Save $38.39)
The Gorilla Grow Tent® Shorty 5' x 5' x 4'11"
Sale: $309.56 (Save $34.39)

LED Grow Lights for Your Indoor Grow Room

LEDs are the cheapest and most versatile grow lights on the market. 

But wait? Aren’t they the most expensive? 

If you check your electric bill after a year of growing with LED lights, and after a year with any other lights, you’ll know the answer to that question. Upfront costs may be a little bit higher, but they are totally worth it. 

Two of our favorite LED manufacturers are Horticulture Lighting Group and Grower’s Choice. 

Grower’s Choice LED Grow Lights

Grower’s Choice is one of the leading manufacturers of grow lights for both hobbyists and commercial growers. Their commitment to pre-market product testing to ensure quality could be unmatched. 
All models include FAST & FREE shipping, ZERO tax, and a lowest price guarantee. 
Grower's Choice X TSL Horti Tech ROI-E68 LED Grow
Grower’s Choice X TSL Horti Tech ROI-E680 LED Grow Light
This model is known for high efficiency. It provides full spectrum light at a 120 degree distribution angle. It is also likely to be compatible with any LED controller you have. 
Spectrum: GC-3K Full Phase
Input Power: 680W
Dimensions: 42.4” L x 42” W x 2.4” H
PPF: 1700 μmol/s
System Efficacy: 2.5 μmol/J
Sale: $899.00 (Save $100)


Horticulture Lighting Group (HLG) LED Grow Lights

HLG is known for its high efficiency Quantum Boards®. They have a selection of LED lights and control panels to help you stay in control of your grow room.
All models include FAST & FREE shipping, ZERO tax, and a lowest price guarantee.
Horticulture Lighting Group HLG 600 R Spec LED Grow Light
Horticulture Lighting Group HLG 600 R Spec LED Grow Light
This 600W grow light is designed to replace a 1,000W HID. You can go as low a 60W for small indoor grows. It also comes with a dimmable power supply for control on how much lighting is needed. 
Spectrum: Full Spectrum White & 660nm Red
Flowering Footprint: 5' x 5' at 28"
Veg Footprint: 6' x 6' at 40”
System PPF Efficacy: 2.55 μmol/J
Dimensions: 26" x 21.5" x 2.75"
Note: Intensity and coverage in a grow tent will be higher than the specs indicate. 


The Best Nutrient Starter Kits for Indoor Grows

Two companies we want to recommend are Technaflora and Humboldt County’s Own. Each brand speaks for themselves on quality and knowledge.

Technaflora Recipe For Success Starter Kit

This is a kit that sets you up for success, starting with a healthy root structure. It doesn’t end there, the kit contains nutrients for every stage of your flowers growth cycle. Technaflora has made it simple for first time growers, or ones who don’t want to worry if they got what they needed. 

For those that enjoy the cloning process, Technaflora’s starter kit provides root gel as well. 


Sale: $39.00 (Save $7.00)


Humboldt County's Own Starter Pack

The best thing about Humboldt County’s Own starter pack is that every item is retail size. It’s no sampler. You’ll get all the essentials for all growth stages plus a feeding schedule. Humboldt County’s Own prides itself on testing their products in the Emerald Triangle, so you know they have some kick @$$ products!

Sale: $99.32 (Save $149.99)

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