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Your Tent Should Be Both Cheap & Good

All good tent growing setups have either a tent that can keep external light out or they occur in a room that can accomplish the same effect. This is because you must be able to control the number of hours of light and darkness if you’re aiming for high yields. 

It also helps to have a waterproof floor. Otherwise, you might have to replace the floor of the room it’s in before long. A waterproof tent floor is also nice for boosting humidity in your tent. You can do that by keeping it wet. 

Here are a few budget tents that could suit your budget grow. 

Secret Jardin Cristal Room 

Its floor dimensions are just over 43” and the height is just 2” less than that. 

Price: $85

Learn About Secret Jardin’s Cristal Room Tent at Grow Supply Shop

OneDeal Grow Tent 2x2

Dimensions: 48” X 48” X 55”

Much taller than the Cristal Room, this budget tent by OneDeal can fit eight small plants or three large ones. 


  • Silver coating & special stitching, both of which keep light out
  • Reinforced plastic corners
  • Lightweight & easy to work with
  • Cleverly-designed power cord ports
  • Vents for filters & fans

Price: $118

Learn More About the OneDeal Grow Tent

Secret Jardin Intense 120

Dimensions: 47” X 118” X 85” (approx.)

The total volume is 219 cubic feet. You can also buy extensions that raise the height 12 to 47 inches. 


  • Tear-proof 900D canvas
  • Lots of accessories, including nets for keeping plants upright + a “space booster”
  • Customization options for more growing space
  • Side windows (they’re covered by default)

Price: $140

Learn More About the Secret Jardin Intense 120

If you want something a bit larger, try the Secret Jardin Intense 240. The dimensions are 95” X 118” X 85”. You can increase the 85” height with extensions that are sold separately. It sells for $180. 

Learn More About the Secret Jardin Intense 240

No Light No Harvest

LED lights aren’t the cheapest. However, if you insist on one, the Kind LED X40/X80 Bar Light is under $200 and about two feet long. 

We only sell LED lights, but you can buy HPS or CFL lights or a cheap lamp elsewhere online. Just keep in mind that they are much more expensive when your electric bills start coming in. 

Also keep in mind that fluorescent lights aren’t known for high yields. They are smaller than HPS lights, though. They might fit in your tent better. 

If you go with an HPS lamp, you may want at least one 600 Watt bulb for every dozen or so square feet. You can find lamps for as low as $60. 

If you can afford the upfront cost of an LED setup, it will save you money. Don’t be scared to make that investment if it’s possible to. Like CFL lights, they’re more compact than HPS.

If you really want to make the most out of your lighting system, make sure to get reflectors. They will keep the light bouncing until it finds a plant to nourish. That means more coverage. 

A nice budget reflector is Secret Jardin’s Daisy Reflector (65$). Light efficiency is higher than normal, and you can place them closer to plants without overheating them. 

You can also shop for a ballast system that comes with a bulb and a reflector. 

If you don’t want to turn your lights on and off manually, think about ordering a timer

You can REALLY optimize your growing space by using a few smaller lights vs one big light. That way, you can spread them out and sleep well knowing your plants are getting more equal light distribution. 

Incoming & Outgoing Air

Your plants will need fresh air for a regular supply of carbon dioxide. They will also love you if you’re kind enough to remove excess heat. 

Intake fans don’t have to cost much. If you want something high-quality that can play intake or exhaust fan, you can try the Grow1 In-Line Duct Fan. It’s about a hundred bucks, but it’s durable and built to last. If you need something cheaper, look around. 

You can also use an extractor to remove air from your tent. 

Whatever your setup, you have to make sure that the ratio of incoming to outgoing air is correct. If you use an extractor, make sure it has twice the capacity as your intake fan. 

Circulating Air

You probably won’t need more than one fan for circulation. The cheapest fan we offer is the Monkey Fan by Secret Jardin. It can attach to pretty much every kind of pole, and even to PVC pipe. It’s also less than $30. 

You can use pretty much any fan that fits your tent setup. Rotating/oscillating fans are great for tent grows. 

Make Good Use of Your Grow Space

Keep Your Floor Free for More Plants

Any room you can save for your precious plants will increase your yields. 

Use fans and extractors that can be attached to the sides of the tent. Some things can stay on the outside of the tent. If it takes up floor space, it’s stealing floor space from a plant. 

Use the SCROG Technique

Just Google it. It maximizes light to your flower sites and only requires some chicken wire or the equivalent. It’s cheap, so it should be worth a try. 

Be Mindful of Container Dimensions

Pot dimensions will make a big difference in yield. Make sure to choose pots that optimize your floor space. 

If you have big vertical limitations, you may also want to think about trying shorter and wider containers that encourage the plants to grow outward more than up. 

Choose the Right Strains

Some strains grow taller than others. Some produce bigger buds naturally. Some grow wider. Think about your growing space and which strains are best for it. 

Talk to a Growing Expert

If you have questions about products or about your grow, call or text us. We’re not just retailers. We’re growing experts. 

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