5 Best Seed Banks in 2021 That Ship to the USA

It won’t be long before many of you outdoor growers need to decide on which seeds to buy and where to buy them from. 

Whether you grow outdoors or indoors, there are lots of amazing strains out there and amazing people selling the seeds for them. 

That is why, for the second year in a row, we’re taking a look at the seed sellers who get the most consistently impeccable reviews from repeat customers. 

What is a Seed Bank?

In case you didn’t know, a seed bank is an agricultural co-op that sells seeds for breeders. They often ship their goods under the agreement that they are “souvenirs.” 


Whatever you want to do with them after purchase, don’t do anything illegal in your area. Check local laws if you don't know.

What makes a great mail order seed bank?

  • High germination rates
  • Fast shipping, especially international
  • Great cybersecurity & privacy practices
  • Reputable breeders
  • The desire to overdeliver on customer service
  • Prompt responses to problems by humans, not bots & Siri impersonators
  • High quality strains
  • Large selections of strains 
  • Flexible payment options
  • Generous amounts of freebies

We’re only looking at seed banks that consistently average MORE THAN 4.5 stars here. These are seed banks that also haven’t been letting their customers down in recent months.

5 Best Cannabis Seed Banks (2021)

I Love Growing MJ (Netherlands)

You can’t get much better than a 4.6 star average on Trustpilot. 

Well, you actually can. This seed bank also has a 4.99 on Reseller Ratings. That’s the average rating of 700+ customers. 92.4% rate it five stars. 

Owner Robert Bergman is the author of the MJ Grow Bible. He is also an expert on strains and knows the good ones. 

One of the things customers love about the I Love Growing MJ seed bank is that he goes above and beyond when people have problems. 

If a shipment gets lost, or if even one or two seeds don’t germinate, Robert is quick to replace them. 

He also ships those seeds out lightning fast!

There are so many great perks when ordering from ILGM that it’s easy to forget that Robert often ships a lot of bonus seeds for free. 

ILGM is based in the Netherlands, but USA customers receive their orders in six days after payment confirmation. Payment confirmation usually takes up to two business days. 

You can pay by wire bank transfer or cash. 

You can also pay by credit card, but a lot of those transactions get blocked by banks. Rob discourages it.

BC Seeds (Canada)

BC Seeds is best known for its product line called the “World’s Strongest Strains.” Strains include Infinity Bud and Oracle. 

Germination rates are spectacular. So is their Stealth Shipping Guarantee. No one worries about interceptions. Delivery is guaranteed.

Whatever you buy, you are likely to get at least 30 free bonus seeds. 

Not to mention their reputation for super-fast shipping and nearly perfect germination rates. 

The only thing people really complain about is that they can’t always keep up with demand for some strains. This seed bank is extremely popular.

Dope Seeds (UK)

These folks pride themselves on stealth shipping, great customer service, competitive pricing, and free bonus seeds. The more you spend, the more free seeds you get. 

Make sure you sign up for their newsletter to stay up to date on promos and giveaways. 

Customers enthusiastically agree with all of their selling points. They also rave about shipping speed. 

Dope Seeds doesn’t just go the extra mile. They go three or four extra miles on a one-mile run.

James Bean Company (USA)

If you want fast shipping to the USA, these folks will likely make sure you get your baby girls the same week as payment. That’s because they’re based in the USA. They are top-tier when it comes to packaging security as well. 

Germination rates are phenomenal, and they’re all about genetics. JBC is an agricultural cooperative that calls itself a collection of “genetic artists.” 

The only downside is that they don’t have a lot of strains. James Bean focuses on quality, not quantity. 

Customers praise them for strain quality, seed quality, fast shipping, and over the top customer service.

The Vault (UK)

They call themselves “The Vault” because of their proprietary stealth shipping formula. It’s beyond meticulous. Their method used to be a secret, but now it’s partially a secret. 

This seed bank averages 4.7 stars on Trustpilot and 4.8 stars on another popular review site. Currently, they have 3,500 TrustPilot reviews. 

Customers love the stealth shipping, the large selection of strains, fast shipping, phenomenal payment flexibility, and freebies with every order.

It Takes More Than Great Seeds to Create a Spectacular Grow

Grow Supply Shop is owned and operated by expert growers. We know what we sell, and we sell what we love. That means tested, high-quality products for you. We also guarantee the lowest prices on the internet, so let us know if you find anything at a lower price. We will beat it. 

Tiresias Mist Feminizer Spray

Even experienced growers have a tough time trying to guarantee consistent bud-producing female plants from their seeds. 

The solution to that problem is to use a feminizer spray. You just have to spray one branch of each plant daily for about three weeks. 

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Snoop Dogg & Scientists Bring You a Fashizzleicious Nutrient Line

Snoop started Snoop’s Premium Nutrients because he wanted to provide the right amounts of the right nutrients at the right times. 

He teamed up with agricultural scientists, and the results have been lauded by fanatical users. 

Snoop and friends not only give you the nutrients. They also give clear instructions and feeding schedules so you can look forward to great harvests and large, aromatic buds. 


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