How to Tell if Your Seeds are Good Quality or Bad Quality

How to tell if your seeds are good or bad quality

Have you ever planted seeds while wondering what their fates would be?


Have you ever planted 50 seeds and only 14 of them became actual bud-producing lady plants?

Low germination rates are common, and they waste a lot of time. So do having too many male plants and too many low quality plants.

Everyone wants to predict the future. That can be difficult to do just by LOOKING AT your seeds before planting.

In this guide we’ll at least sharpen your fortune-telling skills a little.

We’ll also help ensure that you know how to get high quality seeds.

How Do You Know Whether Your Seeds are Good or Bad?

Brown or Black Shades & Stripes

Seeds that are white or green are usually bad seeds. Look for stripes and the colors gray, brown, or black. 

Smooth Surface

High quality seeds have a coating with a shiny luster that becomes apparent when you shine light on them. Wax-like may be a good term to describe this coating. 

There is nothing brittle about good seeds that cause them to crack. They should look and feel solid and smooth.

Symmetrical Shape

A distorted or irregular shape is a sign of bad quality or immaturity. Look for symmetry and teardrop-shaped seeds.

Large Size Compared to Other Seeds in a Batch

Mature seeds tend to be bigger than immature seeds.

They Came from a Reputable Breeder or Seed Bank

Some seed banks and breeders are well-known for great quality and nearly perfect germination rates. They include I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) and BC Seeds (not to be confused with British Columbia Seed Co., which is also very good). 

Great seed banks and breeders have ways to separate the sheep seeds from the goat seeds, so to speak. They not only use some of the methods described here. They also value good genetics, which is one of the largest factors that determine how many good vs bad seeds will be planted. 

They also have ways to determine whether your seeds will turn into girls or boys. 

Speaking of that…

If you want to be sure you produce your own seeds that turn into girls, make sure to invest in a good feminizer spray. Otherwise, find some way to alter the hormones and gender of your seeds

If you don’t want to bother with that stuff, you will need to know how to spot male plants as they begin asserting their gender and pull them early. That’s just a waste of growing space. 

As of this writing, you can get the Tiresias Mist Feminizer Spray here at Grow Supply Shop. 

Good seed banks and breeders will remove these hassles from your life. 


They DIDN’T Come from a Large Batch of Commercially Processed & Cured Weed

Some growers start with mass-processed bags of cannabis. Just because the bags are airtight and official looking, this doesn’t mean they were processed and handled with seed germination in mind. 

The handlers probably got rid of the good seeds before you received the package. 

This is just an inefficient way to obtain quality seeds. What you’re left with are lots of weather-damaged, old, or just-plain-damaged, seeds.

How to Spot Bunk Seeds Reliably, Beyond Just Looking At & Feeling Them

Try the Witch Test. It’s easy!

Submerge your seeds in non-chlorinated water for a couple of hours. If they float, they’re bunk. If they sink, they’re not bunk. 

Unlike a suspected witch from a few centuries ago, your good seeds won’t drown. They will likely live productive lives in one form or another…

… BUT!...

Only do this test if you plan on planting the good seeds right away! Do not store them after they have soaked up water!

How to Produce Large & Aromatic Buds with Your Good Seeds

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