Clone Shipper

Most of the items and gifts you ship to faraway places spend their entire shipping journeys in the dark. If you’re shipping vulnerable young live plants or clones, they are especially vulnerable. They need oxygen and light. Typical shipping containers don’t provide either of those things. 

The result is shock and a slimmer chance of survival. 

An Arizona company fixed these problems by developing a shipping container that supplies LED light and other environmental conditions that keep plants growing while traveling. 

They called their product the Clone Shipper. 

Supplying light is not the only way Clone Shippers support the lives of plants. We’ll list some more here.

How Do Clone Shipper Containers Support Live Plants During Transit?

1. They Prevent Damage to the Plant

Clone Shippers protect the root and stem system of each plant by holding it firmly in place. They can handle all the shuffling and loading/unloading activities that are bound to occur in shipping centers. 

No one has to worry about leakage or soil displacement either. No water can get in or out. The soil also stays where it belongs so that the plant can enjoy a constant nutrient supply. 

Even if the package gets damaged during shipping, the plant will be fine. 

2. They Ensure Proper Lighting for Growth

The LED light doesn’t just keep the plant surviving. It keeps it THRIVING. 

3. The Packaging Allows Plants to Breathe

If you were a young plant, wouldn’t it suck if you spent a few days with no light or oxygen? This would present a challenge not only during the shipping journey, but afterward as well. It’s not easy to bounce back after all that. 

Clone Shippers solve this problem, too. 

How to Find a Clone Shipper at an Affordable Price

The creators behind this amazing shipping container discovered ways to protect your clones and young plants without it costing a fortune to ship them. 

No matter who you buy one from, it’s likely to be affordable. 

Grow Supply Shop has a policy that guarantees that you get every item at the lowest price on the internet. We offer the Clone Shipper Classic for $13.95. If you see it priced lower elsewhere, send us the link to the competitor’s product page and we’ll match or beat the price. 

Did we mention that Clone Shippers are designed for multiple shipments? 


If you have any questions, be sure to call or text us. We’re growing experts. 




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