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Choosing suitable grow lights can be tricky. That’s because they vary in quality, energy efficiency, and features you may need for your particular growing environment. 

If your budget is low, you may find yourself buying “cheaper” grow lights that cost you a lot more in electrical costs. These costs may not just accumulate in a matter of years. They could add up to a small fortune within months. 

You may know that HPS and other HID setups waste a lot of electricity. They put out a lot of heat. The light goes in all directions, including the opposite direction that your plants are in. HID light isn’t dialed in to the specific frequencies your plants need throughout the growing cycle either. 

It’s pretty obvious that these grow light systems waste a lot of electrical power. However, it doesn’t end there. They can cost you money in other ways, too. 

4 Hidden Costs of Not Investing in LED Grow Lights

Let’s say you bought LED grow lights from a company that boasts 50% in electricity costs and they are correct. Your actual savings will be higher than that. 

All other factors being equal, LED grow lights cost 40%-70% less than CFL and HID lights. 

Here’s why non-LED will cost you far more, even in the short term. 

They Require Cooling & Ventilation

HID systems put out a lot of heat. To protect your plants, you need air conditioners, fans, and whatever it takes to control the environment. These devices will jack up your electric bill. 

You Need a Larger Space for the Same Yield

HID lights need to be further from your plants than LED lights. If your growing space is already built, this can mean fewer plants. If you need to create the space, then you need it to be bigger, or at least have higher walls. This may cost you more in materials, time, and labor. 

You Must Watch HID Lights Like a Hawk or Pay Someone Else to Do It

You probably don’t want to have to spend a lot of time monitoring your grow lights system to keep track of wear and tear and maintenance issues. If you have employees, you shouldn’t have to pay them to go through all that trouble. 

More Parts Need to Be Replaced

Part of your monitoring process is keeping an eye out for burnt out bulbs and ballasts you need to replace. LED grow lights last longer and break down far less often.

Below are some of our top picks for those who want to stretch their money the furthest. 

What are You Looking for in a Grow Light?

If you’re seeking affordable initial costs, large lighting footprints, and uniformity within those footprints, Kind LED may have a good variety of options. 

Kind’s models also give you a lot of control over the light spectrum during different stages in the growing cycle. Unlike so many other LED systems, you can reduce the power output by dimming the lights as well. 

You can always find what you need from Kind LED whether you have a personal or commercial grow. 

We are growers who only sell products we have tested ourselves. We also offer a Lowest Price Guarantee, so we will beat any price that is lower than ours. Just send the competitor’s product page to 


For personal grows, California Lightworks SolarXtreme Series contains some great products at reasonable price points.

SolarXtreme Series was created for those who favor:

  • Short learning curves
  • The ability to optimize blue, white & red light for each growing phase
  • Wide-angle light that allows the lights to be closer to the plants



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