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May 07, 2019 1 min read

Great question ... many of you have asked. Buying seeds is something that seems to miff many and it's for good reason. While many states have legalized cannabis completely it's still illegal from a federal perspective. Therefore, buying seeds via the internet and having them cross state lines is illegal. So what are the alternatives you might ask?

1. if cannabis is legal in your state; go to your local dispensary and purchase them

2. instagram 

Instagram is a wild world. There's a strong and growing community of seed sale companies that can sell or trade seeds. Many, if not most, will state clearly that they do not offer sales and this is to remain in compliance with facebook's terms of service. If you need a starting point, go to your instagram grow_supply_shop and look up some of the seed suppliers we follow. In a later post, we'll make some recommendations of reputable companies and accounts to follow.

Before you do anything, make sure you educate yourself on your state and federal laws and under no circumstance should you break any laws.

Good luck and remember to #getyourgrownon 

Grow Supply Shop Staff
Grow Supply Shop Staff

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