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May 07, 2019 2 min read

Traditional farming has proven that greenhouses are far more sustainable than indoor production. There is also a lower cost of production as well. This is why greenhouses are increasingly becoming popular with cultivators. 

Grow Set-Up

When you have a well-sealed greenhouse, you are protecting your yield against pests and disease infection. This helps to eliminate the need for pesticides. An ultramodern greenhouse should include cement floors, incoming sterilized and filtered airflow and a slightly positive pressurization inside the greenhouse. All of this is vital, since the industry has shown repeatedly that there is a real problem with pesticide use. 

Time to Move

When you are ready to move to a greenhouse, over planning is better than under planning. This will ultimately lead to success and ward off failure. Make sure your potential facility has plenty of space. Using both an indoor facility for tissue cultures and clones means your greenhouse can be full of flowering plants. This reduces environmental impact and helps maximize efficiency. When you start your flowering cycle in a clean state like this, your plants are only going to be susceptible to infection for a short amount of time. 

Grow Considerations

To synthesize terpenoids and cannabinoids compounds, UV light is required by the Cannabis plant. By using maximum UV filters that are available in greenhouse coverings, you might stifle the  terpenoids and cannabinoids compound development in your plants. Instead of a UV covering, consider a retractable cloth that helps limit excessive temperatures. 

When planned well and thoughtfully constructed your greenhouse can be the most abundant setting for a flourishing yield. Greenhouses offer cultivators significant quality advantages and an efficient approach to growing and harvesting. Take time to understand all the potential variables and make informed choices about what will benefit you in the long run. 

Nicole Schultz
Nicole Schultz

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