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August 07, 2020 3 min read

When you look at online reviews of Gorilla Grow Tents, some of the most common words you see are “durable” and “well-built.” 

Both adjectives are true. Gorilla has a reputation for producing the most durable and highest quality grow tents in the market. 

What is also true is that Gorilla Grow Tents are creatively designed.  

Why are Gorilla tents so awesome?:

  • Tents come in all sizes
  • Heights are extendable
  • Walls are made from the strongest fabric
  • Large windows let you peak without messing up the environment inside
  • 100% steel poles are 2-5 times stronger than other tent poles
  • Reflective walls optimize your use of light for higher yields
  • Innovative door design gives you 360 degree access 
  • Industry leading steel fasteners lock all parts of your tent firmly in place
  • They include thoughtful accessories like water catchers, infrared blockers & pest control mesh
  • Leak-free ducting ports keep airflow high & temperatures cool

At Grow Supply Shop, we don’t just sell supplies. We are also expert growers who only sell products that have proven themselves to us through firsthand experience. 

As growers, we are more than happy to rave about Gorilla tents, so here we go…

It may be best to drill down on some of the bullet points above.

Tents Come in All Sizes

Floor dimensions range from 2’X4’ all the way up to 10’X20’. 

Heights are Extendable

Gorilla Grow Tents typically come with a 12-inch extension kit. If you want to add 24 inches to the height, you can purchase that as an extra. 

For example, the 5’X9’ tent has a default height of 6’11”, which is an inch shy of seven feet. The extension kit that comes with it raises that to 7’11”. If you buy the larger extension, you can make it 8’11”. 

Walls are Made of the Strongest Fabric

Gorilla uses ultrathick 1680D thread density fabric. Normal grow tents may range from 200D to 600D. 

The numbers measure the density of the fabric. 1680D is about nine times as dense as any other grow tent material. 

Diamond Reflective Walls Redistribute Light

You can increase the efficiency of each lumen of light by roughly 30% just by having inner walls with diamond reflective technology. This is great for both yield and your wallet at electric bill time. 

This is one of the many ways Gorilla gives you more bang for the buck. 

Big Windows & 360 Degree Access Doors

You don’t need to walk inside of your tent just to keep track of the progress of your grow. The EZ View windows allow you to do just that. 

You can also enter your grow tent from almost any angle because Gorilla Grow Tents feature multiple doors. Once you experience this, you will know that these grow tents were designed by growers. 

100% Steel Poles & Fasteners

Gorilla’s steel tent frames can hold up to 300 pounds of weight. The interlocking connector pins are made of steel just like the poles.

Micro Mesh Pre-filters Keep Pests Out

Gorilla was the first company to make a truly pest-free tent. They accomplished this not only with mesh pre-filters. 

The double cinch 10-inch ducting ports also keep the tent tightly sealed. Even the most highly skilled bugs will not get in unless they hitch a ride on your shirt or something. 

Talk to a Growing Expert
If you have questions about products or about your grow, call or text us. We’re not just retailers. We’re growing experts. 
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Austin Becker
Austin Becker

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