Snoop’s Premium Nutrients Simplify the Science of Growing

“I have a long-time passion for the best quality plants and have come to learn that you only get quality out if you put quality in.” – Snoop Dogg

There is often so much trial and error in growing. The science behind it is complex, and mistakes can be very expensive. 

It’s always a breath of fresh air when a company goes through the scientific literature and learns from other people’s trial and error processes to make life easier for growers. 

Less guesswork, right?

This is exactly what Snoop Dogg did when developing his Snoop’s Premium Nutrients liquid formulas for hydroponic, coco, and soil grows. 

Cracking the Scientific Code for Fat & Potent Buds

The legendary rapper and reggae artist created the foundations for his company by talking to agricultural scientists and expert growers. His goal was to be able to deliver to cannabis plants exactly what they need at very specifics points in the growing cycle. 

Snoop’s nutrient formulas are about as evidence-based as you’re going to get. He doesn’t cut corners to save a few bucks either. Mr. Dogg is all about results, both for himself and for indoor and outdoor growers around the world. 

Of course, the needs of your grow are going to vary according to your growing medium and growing environment. Snoop was aiming at being as precise as possible, and he did a fantabulous job. 

To help others achieve this level of precision, he developed a number of highly specialized products plus comprehensive feeding charts. 

He calls his line of nutrients “pharmaceutical grade.” They include the highest quality EDDHA chelated iron, which you can only source from Europe.

A Complex Yet Simple Growing System for Beginners & Expert Growers

Snoop, with the help of scientists, has developed a lot of complex liquid nutrient products. However, you don’t need to worry about getting lost or suffering from information overload. Snoop has simplified everything for beginner and expert growers with his charts and guides. 

Snoop’s Premium Nutrients will even give you the specifics on exactly what water types are best for your grow, including hardness/softness levels. 

You can find links to feeding charts on the front page of the company’s website for hydroponic, coco, and soil growing. It shows which products to use during any given week and how much to use

Each feeding chart also shows weekly guidance for:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • pH
  • EC/ppm
  • Daily light/dark hours

They provide extensive product and science guides in print and on the web as well.  

What Does Snoop’s Premium Nutrients Provide?

Mr. Dogg’s company makes liquid nutrients for two types of hydroponic systems (run to waste and recirculating) plus coco and soil growing. 

You can look up Snoop’s literature for the type of grow you are planning to get the perfect combination of nutrient formulas for the start, vegetative, and/or bloom stages. 

Another way to do it is to replace your main salt, root booster, PK, enzymes, and/or sweetener with one or more of the company’s formulas. 

The hydro formulas are divided into two categories:

  1. Non-circulating nutrients: He designed these knowing that they will pass through the root zone once. 
  2. Circulating nutrients: He designed these for re-circulating systems knowing that they will pass through the root zone multiple times. For best results, it’s expected that the grower will change the water every two or three days. 

Each hydro product is labeled for either recirculating or non-circulating setups. 

The coco nutrients contain precise ratios of nutrients so you can really dial in your coco substrate grow routines. 

Snoop’s Premium Nutrients Product List

Start A & Start B

These formulations are typically added together into the feed water for babies and clones. The plants get exactly what they need to get a roaring start at life. The formulas provide the precise ratio of positive and negative ions and other nutrients for rapid shoot development in the early stages. 

These formulas are not for coco grows. 

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Grow A & Grow B

You can probably guess that these mixes are for the growth stage. The provide the right proportions of nutrients for strength and lushness. 

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Bloom A & Bloom B

This pair is designed to produce a “PREMIUM bloom.” That means big, fat, and superb quality buds. 

If you just want a simple 3-part system, go with the Starts, Grows, and Blooms above. Otherwise, keep reading. 

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Heavy Harvest

This one goes well with Bloom during the flowering stage, especially when the girls first start blooming. Heavy Harvest ensures they get the right amounts of phosphates and potassium for a jaw-dropping harvest. 

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Radical Roots

This is a unique blend that promotes continuous root development and generation through the plant’s entire life cycle. It also makes them more resilient when facing temperature stress or drought. 

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Yummy Yield

Snoop’s products may be all hoity toity and scientific and stuff, but their names are intuitive and descriptive. Yummy Yield promotes life-long photosynthesis, enhances the bloom process, and helps the girls use water more efficiently. 

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Plants and humans alike need probiotics. Hyzyme encourages beneficial bacteria in the root zone and promotes rapid decomposition of dead or dying roots. 

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Talk to a Growing Expert
If you have questions about your grow or particular products you’re curious about, call or text us. We’re not just retailers. We’re growers! 

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