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You don’t need a large space for a hydroponic grow. You can create an amazing setup in a small grow room. 

Hydroponic systems allow you to grow your girls faster than it would take through traditional soil systems.

A good hydroponic system offers good root support, aeration, and nutrient circulation. 

These elements, plus a good nutrient mixture, free up the plants’ energy so they can produce higher yields in less time. They don’t have to struggle with growing giant roots in search of new nutrients. 

Keep reading, and we’ll help you get started with some great beginner-friendly options that are also suitable for pros. 

What Do You Need for a Hydroponics Setup in a Grow Room?

  • At least one grow tent (optional but recommended for climate control)
  • Growing medium (perlite, coco coir, pebbles, etc) to hold the plants in place
  • Grow lights to simulate the sun
  • pH tester to ensure ideal growing conditions in your nutrient solution
  • A space efficient hydroponic system
  • Timers for controlling light/dark cycles (optional, but they save a lot of time)
  • Hydroponic nutrients

If you’re looking for a durable grow tent with flexible dimensions, we usually recommend Gorilla Grow Tents

If you like saving money, we always recommend LED grow lights

Recommended Hydroponic Systems for Grow Rooms

SuperPonics 8 Hydroponic Grow System

This is one of the best hydroponic systems you can get for small spaces like grow rooms, and it’s affordable AF.

2 Hydroponic Systems in 1 Keep Your Plants Safe

The SuperPonics 8 system uses a combination of top feed (aka drip) and deep water culture hydroponic growing styles. 

Top feed systems feed nutrients directly to the roots. They can save water, nutrients, and time. 

Deep water culture systems submerge most of each root system in a reservoir filled with nutrient solution. Air pumps supply the solution with oxygen so the roots don’t “drown.”

The Superponics setup automates the processes that keep the plants alive and thriving. 

The top feed and deep water culture processes also work independently. That way, if one system fails, the other is still supporting your girls. 

Enough Space for 8 Large Plants

The system’s eight net cups are each 3” in diameter. Each one nests one plant. This gives them plenty of room to grow big without requiring huge amounts of growing media. 

Quiet & Efficient Pumps

The 132 gallons per hour water pump and the Eco Air Series air pump both keep everything circulating efficiently and quietly. 

A common complaint about pump systems is that they’re noisy. This one runs much quieter than other systems at the same price point. 

Comes with a Built-In Timer

You can control the lights or your pumps with the analog timer that comes with the Superponics system. 



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Root Spa 5 Gallon 4 Bucket System by Active Aqua

This is another system that makes hydroponic growing easier. It uses deep water culture with a sophisticated pump system. No need for air stones, and no need to confuse the pet store employee about what you need aquarium supplies for. 

The pump system is what makes this better than any normal bucket hydroponics operation. 

It has one multi-output air pump that delivers a constant flow of nutrients and oxygen to the roots. Each hose delivers air from the bottom of the bucket and helps ensure rapid growth and higher yields. 

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Do You Need Hydroponic Nutrients or a Medium?

Perfecta Starter Box by Rare Dankness Nutrients

If you’re just starting out with hydroponic growing, you can’t go wrong with this kit. It’s compatible with all hydroponic systems, growing media, injectors, and fertigation systems. 

Rare Dankness is especially interested in high yield, potency, and lots of terpenes. This collection of nutrients can help you obtain plenty of all three. 

They also make it easy to create custom nutrient mixes for your own unique grow. 

You’ll get everything you need for six plants. The kit allows you to make up to 125 gallons of solution for the vegetative stage and another 125 gallons for flowering. 

SALE: $86.33 $107.59
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GROW!T Commercial Coco Coir, 5kg bale

GROW!T is Hydrofarm’s line of pollutant-free coco coir. You can use this in either hydroponic system mentioned above to keep your plants sturdy and free from contaminants. 

5kg (roughly 10lb) will provide a volume of more than two cubic feet. It’s very compact. 

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