Best Indoor Grow Room Setup for Small Spaces

Not everyone has a spare gymnasium, but you don’t need one to start a grow. You can still set up a phenomenal indoor grow room in a small space. 

Stick around for a few minutes, and we’ll teach you what supplies you will need. Call or text us if you have any questions. 

It all starts with a good grow tent. A good grow tent will make it easier for you to maintain a rock solid growing environment. 

A rock solid growing environment is essential for an ecstatic harvest. 

The Grow Tent Brand We Recommend the Most for Indoor Grow Rooms of All Sizes

Original Gorilla Grow Tents is a company known for durability. When happy customers rave about their tents in online reviews, the words “durable” and “well-built” come up a lot. 

Durability isn’t the only thing they’re good at. Versatility and extendibility are just two of their other strong points. 

Gorilla floor sizes range from 2’X2.5’ to 10’X20’. 

Heights range from 4’11” to 6’11”. 

In case you don’t know, the units here are “feet” in the USA.

These are just the standard heights. Each Gorilla tent comes with a 1’ extension. You can also buy a 2’ extension, which elevates the upper limit of the height range to one inch shy of 10 feet. 

Other Gorilla bragging points include truly pest-free mesh pre-filters, 360 degree access, diamond reflective walls for better light efficiency, and large windows for easy peaking. 

Airflow & Air Replacement Supplies for Your Indoor Grow Room

Fresh air is important for any crop, unless you’re aiming for a crappy or mediocre harvest. 

It’s OK if you’re one of those people, but we’ll assume you want a splendid or better-than-splendid harvest. 

Good airflow maintains relatively constant humidity, temperature, and CO2 levels. 

Good air replacement replaces hot air with cooler air and helps maintain a suitable air pressure. 

You may need at least one of each of these:

  • Intake fan 
  • Exhaust fan
  • Circulating fan
  • Carbon filter (to reduce odor)
  • Duct Tubing

Some of these are optional, depending on your growing environment and other factors. We’ll go through some of these factors below. 

If you have any questions at all about how to mix and match fans with tubing or any other mix and match questions, call or text us. 

Intake & Exhaust Fans

Small grow rooms may not require intake fans. You can probably get away with a passive intake system. This means a system that takes in fresh air without a fan. 

Gorilla tents are good for this. They have numerous double cinch 10-inch ducting ports which allow good air intake/exhaust while keeping light inside the tent. 

If you’re using a grow tent, the best exhaust fans are usually inline duct fans. You can use them as exhaust fans in a passive or active intake system or as active intake fans.

How powerful each fan needs to be, or how many you need, will depend on the size of your grow space and how hot and humid it is. More space will require more power. So will higher temps and moisture levels. 

TIP: Keep temperatures and electric bills low by using LED grow lights

As a general rule, look for CFM ratings when shopping for fans. CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. A 4’X4’X 7’ tent is 112 cubic feet. In this case, you’ll want to look for fans with CFM ratings of roughly 112 + 25% of 112. 

If you don’t use carbon filters to clean your air on the way out of the grow space, you can go for a fan with a slightly lower CFM rating. 

A fan rated 140 CFM or a bit higher would be appropriate for the case above with a carbon filter. The  Active Air 4" Inline Duct Fan is rated at 165 CFM. 

Note: Outside of the States, you may see CMM (cubic meters per minute) ratings instead.

Browse All Inline Duct Fans

TIP: For extra heat control with a grow tent setup, consider a window fan that blows air out of the room. If you go this route and need to be discreet because of neighbors, use a carbon filter with your tent’s exhaust system. 

Circulating Fans

A circulating fan keeps the air moving inside the grow space. It may not be necessary for a small tent setup, but that could depend on temperature and the quality of your ventilation system (intake and exhaust). 

Gorilla tents are well-known for the ability to hang everything you need from the top without collapsing your tent. Maybe it couldn’t hurt to add a circulating fan to a Gorilla setup. 

A great fan for all types of indoor grow room (and tent) operations is the  20W Monkey Fan Oscillating v2.0. It will clamp to tent poles, PVC, and many other things. It’s also very affordable at less than $50. 

Duct Tubing

Ducting is what you attach to your duct fans to send the air in a particular direction (usually out). 

Ducting typically comes with clamps that you attach to the fan(s). 

When browsing for ducting, you may notice two major categories: insulated and non-insulated. 

If you can’t decide on which to get, go with insulated. It’s quieter. It prevents condensation and light and heat leakage. It’s also great for cooling hot environments with incoming air. 

Browse Ducting at Grow Supply Shop


You can’t go wrong with carbon filters. They’re excellent for removing odors, even the worst ganja odors. 

We sell Active Air brand carbon filters. That’s because we’re growers and we know high-quality products when we see (and use) them. 

Active Air filters come with pre-filters, which extend the lives of the filters. 

Browse Filters at Grow Supply Shop 

… And Never Forget

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