LED Lighting Produces Healthy Plants and Quality Yields

Plants need light to grow, and the cycle of light and darkness is an important part of any plant’s growth pattern.  Lighting plays a significant part in affecting the outcome of a marijuana yield, however many people have misconceptions about the type and quality of lighting that works best when growing cannabis.

Optimizing a yield involves more than merely exposing the cannabis plant to bright light, it also includes controlling the relative intensity of various wavelengths of light throughout the plant’s growing cycle.  LED lighting tends to give the most effective control over the lighting conditions of a cannabis crop, making it the most efficient source of lighting for the plant’s needs.

A cannabis plant contains several different forms of chlorophyll and secondary compounds present in it’s leaves.  These plants include specific concentrations of chlorophyll which absorb light in the red to violet visible light spectrum, as well as a broader spectrum of visible light.

Adjusting light wavelengths to improve the production of these forms of chlorophyll at the correct times during the plant’s growing cycle is key to creating a healthy marijuana yield. Encouraging plant growth through controlled exposure to concentrations of red to violet light is a method that nurtures the plant in a more natural manner.

Exposing cannabis plants to short light and long darkness daily cycles will encourage them to bloom. As periods of darkness increase, the balance of the plants light receptors change signaling that it is time for them to bloom. Adjusting the type and amount of light exposure at specific times during the plants growth cycle can allow control of  the plant’s vegetation levels.

This is where the benefits of using LED lighting can come into play. Unlike traditional metal or sodium indoor light sources, LED lighting can be almost instantaneously switched on and off.  LED lighting has the added benefit of operating at low temperatures, making them safe to mount closer to the plants without fear of causing them harm.

Additionally, LED light fixtures offer a wide range of lighting configuration options which allows an indoor cultivator to pinpoint light where needed most. The flexibility of LED lighting makes them perfect choices for any grow house configuration.  By allowing this level of control, LED lighting gives cannabis cultivators the opportunity to maximize their yield.

The Grow Supply Shop carries the KIND LED lighting series that provides several types of systems that work well in any cannabis growing configuration.  These LED lights, as well as the company’s other extensive cannabis growing products, are essential in producing healthy cannabis plants and high quality marijuana yields. 

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