October 08, 2019 2 min read

At Grow Supply Shop, we offer all of the finest gear and accessories for setting up a grow space. Our aim is 100% customer satisfaction! We know that as urban gardeners and others try to find innovative ways to grow plants, this type of product is going to be extremely valuable to many people. Here are some of the fundamentals of what we sell at Grow Supply Shop to help our growers shepherd their plants to healthy maturity and robust yields.

Choices in Grow Media

Anytime you’re looking at setting up a grow space, it's important to consider what your plans are going to grow in. High-end materials replace natural soils to offer indoor, hydroponic and other specialized grow environments.

We sell all of those popular materials choices that gardeners need, from rockwool blocks to coco coir mixes and perlite and vermiculite.

Each of these materials has its own drainage specs and pros and cons, so take a look through our catalog and see what's right for your grow project. We can help advise on what’s right for draining, handling pH, and more.

Air and Ventilation Needs

Every grow project also has its own needs in terms of airflow.

In fact, engineering and designing airflow for an indoor or hydroponic grow operation involves looking at various factors. The most important one is how to get air through the space to allow for vibrant photosynthesis for plants – because your crop’s health is your major concern, and that can have to do with the size and shape of the grow area itself. But there are also secondary goals and objectives, such as setting up stealth grow operations with odor blocking technologies or making projects self-contained.

Take a look at our axial fans, industrial blade fans and booster fans, as well as items like carbon filters, duct mufflers and humidification resources. We also stock a lot of the hardware and fasteners needed to incorporate these innovative pieces into your grow set up, to make things convenient for our growers.

Water and Pumping Infrastructure

As another basic element of photosynthesis, your plans are going to need irrigation in some form. Some growers use a reservoir setup where water filters and pumps are critical to the process. We sell all of this, as well as an array of vinyl tubing options to route water around your grow setup.

These are just some of the many items that we sell at Grow Supply Shop. Take a look yourself through our visual online product catalog, and choose the gear and accessories that will make your garden the talk of the town. Let us be part of your gardening success!

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