September 24, 2019 2 min read

A picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case, a couple of thousand followers. Instagram is used as a visual storyteller to instantly grab the attention of users, so of course, there are multitudes of pictures and information to help you grow your own cannabis. This social media outlet allows growers to discover and connect with seed sale companies worldwide. We’ve done our research, and the following users are the top seed influencers on Instagram with stellar reputations.


With over 61.6K followers, Eva Seeds has made a name for themselves in the social influencer industry. They have been in business for more than 10 years and are creators of their own genetics. Their Instagram is flourishing with tons of healthy plant variety and limited-edition seeds. It’s inspiring for growers to see what all they can do from their own home!


Breeder packs, a large variety of seed, and shipping worldwide have 27.9K followers loving seedvaultofca1. They also attend tons of events, showing the world the power of growing. The Instagram influencer reposts many tags of clients growing their own seeds and the process they took while growing. They offer lots of valuable information and awesome pictures.


Seedolab is not labeled a seed seller, but offers an auto grow hydroponics home device that allows you to grow effortlessly. Over 63.2K followers are watching plants come to life on this Instagram account and witnessing the power of automated hydroponic system technology.

For more intriguing information and images, follow popular hashtags like:

  • #growyourowncannabis
  • #cannabiscommunity
  • #cannabisseeds
  • #cannabisseedshop

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Whether you’re a grower or an aspiring grower, you’ve already invested a lot of time, research and money into your efforts. Having a list of reputable seed sale companies on hand will only increase your knowledge and have you grow in the most effective way possible. Be sure to follow these accounts, as well as ours at @grow_supply_shop. If you’ve purchased seed from us, tag us and show the world how you #getyourgrowon! For more information on growing and our products, visit Grow Supply Shop online.

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