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GrowoniX Scrubber Filters (Lil'Boss, LB Deluxe, Mini, Slim, XL)

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Remove Harmful Chemicals & Sediments from Your Feed Water Easily & Quickly

Tap water destroys beneficial microorganisms your plants need to thrive and to bless you with large yields. GrowoniX scrubbers are filters that remove harmful sediment, chlorine, chloride, and chloramine. 

Why Filter Water with a Scrubber?

  • Fully assembled & easy to use
  • Attaches straight to your garden hose
  • Scrubs out dirt & chemicals quickly

Available GrowoniX Scrubber Filters:

XL Scrubber

Growonix’s largest scrubber boasts a flow rate of 7 gallons per minute (GPM) and 420 gallons per hour (GPH). 

It’s suitable for households, farms, restaurants, and industrial facilities. 

Capacity: 30,000 gallons


This scrubber can handle gardens of almost any size at rates of 3 GPM and 180 GPH. 

Capacity: 16,000 gallons with almost zero pressure drop

Lil’BOSS Deluxe

The Deluxe version of the Lil’ BOSS comes with the same flow rate and capacity plus a patented Roller Chassis™ for easier mobility. 

The Chassis is weather resistant and it’s built to last. 


The simplest filter from GrowoniX removes 99% of chlorine and 90% of feed water sediment with a NSF61 listed Greencarbon™ filter. The flow rate is 1 GPM (60 GPH). 

To filter chloramines in tap water, you can upgrade the filter to a carbon KDF/CAT. 


An upgrade from the mini-SCRUB, the slim-SCRUB also removes 99% of chlorine and 90% of feed water sediment. However, the flow rate is double. This makes it fast enough to handle a garden hose sprayer with ease. 

Like the mini-SCRUB, you can upgrade to a KDF/CAT carbon filter for tap water chloramine filtration. 

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