How & Why to Buy Clones for Your Grow

Cloning your Grow

Buying clones has some big advantages over buying seeds. 

These are the most notable benefits…

More Harvests

If you plant clones and seeds at the same time, the clones will go into the flowering phase more quickly. This could lead to one or more extra harvests for the year. 

Roots are Already Established

Because clones are actual plants, and not just potential plants, they already have root systems. The more mature your clone, the more sophisticated the root system. 

100% Germination Rate

Your girls germinated before you received them. There’s no gambling involved. 

You Know You’re Getting Girls

Some of the better clone providers verify the gender of the plant before selling. That’s not an issue if you buy an adult plant because it’s already showing signs of its gender. Babies aren’t as easy to figure out. 

Clones are Usually Cheaper than Seeds

Clones can be more cost effective compared to seeds in terms of yield. 

A baby plant with a new root system may run you about $10 USD. An adult clone that is 18” tall or more could be about $30 to $50. Prices will vary a lot depending on where you get them, the size, and the strain. 

High quality seeds from a reputable seed bank will likely be about $5 each. You might have to buy them in packs of 10. 

On the other hand, some of the more popular seed banks have super-high germination rates and offer free bonus seeds with every purchase. You’ll also know the exact genetics of the seeds you BUY, at least. The bonus seeds are usually unknown until they arrive. 

Buying clones for your garden

How & Where to Buy Clones

**You May Have to Live in an Area Where Growing is Legal for You

Clone sellers will usually sell locally instead of shipping them outside their regions. 

In the USA, any state where you can grow legally will likely have at least a few sellers. In a medical-only state, you will likely need a card to buy clones. 

If you prefer to purchase locally, the first places to look are dispensaries. 

Not all dispensaries will sell clones. For example, a lot of dispensaries in the Denver, Colorado area have stopped selling them. The ones that still sell them may have limited strain variety, or you may only be able to get one or two clones for a particular strain. Some run out of clones regularly, so you have to be vigilant to obtain good clones or the quantities you need. 

If you live in Southern California, clone sellers are everywhere. It’s not hard to find nurseries that specialize in clones or dispensaries that sell them. 

Look at Local Online Reviews & Narrow Down Your Choices

Websites like Google Maps and Yelp are good places to find reviews of dispensaries and nurseries. 

While there is no standard term for clone sellers to search for, you can use words like cannabis, dispensary, clones, marijuana collective, and the like. 

There is a place in Denver called Denver Clone Store. More often than not, however, you’re looking for dispensaries. 

Research the Websites

After narrowing down your choices according to location and buyers’ opinions, you can create your shortlist of sellers to look into further. They’ll normally have websites that give you information about all the products they sell. 

Call the Seller

Don’t just show up. Call them first, or you’ll probably end up wasting time and gas. Other than asking the seller whether they sell clones, you can also ask about strains, availability, where the clones were made, pesticide levels, pest levels, whether they’ll ship, and other details. 

They may not tell you about pest problems on the phone, but they could offer evidence that their clones are pest-free or pesticide-free. State-licensed dispensaries may have protocols they can inform you about. 

If any seller, or one of their sources, has any problems with quality, someone’s going to write an online review about it. That’s why the proper clone buying sequence is check reviews, research what they sell, call them up and ask questions, and then make a purchase. 

What if You Don’t Have Dispensaries Nearby?

Some clone sellers will allow you to purchase online, and they will ship you your clones. However, they’re harder to find than sellers who offer pickup or only ship within a small area. 

THC Clone Doctor and Big Daddy Clones are two online sellers who appear to ship long distances. 

It’s a lot easier to get seeds online than clones. That’s because seeds are considered “souvenirs” rather than cannabis plants. Stealth packaging comes more easily when you’re buying or selling seeds, too. 

If you need quality seeds with good genetics, do a search engine search for seed bank reviews, or check out  5 Best Seed Banks in 2021 That Ship to the USA, a new article from our Cultivation Chronicles. 

Should I “Clone My Own” Instead of Buying Clones?

If you have adult plants with the genetics you want to reproduce, go for it. Cloning your plants can be a simple task, if you have the right equipment and some knowledge on the process.

Make sure you have a good cloning system, like the  SuperCloner 14-Site Hydroponic Cloner. It includes an Eco-2 Air Pump to ensure good oxygen supply and a comprehensive guide to make your cloning easier. 

If you need spots for more clones, try the  SuperCloner 50-Site Hydroponic Cloner System. This one includes a humidity dome for climate control. 

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