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Route Package Protection
Jeffrey Randleman

Route Package Protection

Humboldt County's Own Sonic Bloom W/Vits

Route Package Protection

NPK RAW Bloom All-In-One

Route Package Protection
clarence Stillwagon
Kept promises

They said the truth spoke the truth and came through with everything I needed and didn't let me down life time customer here from now on.

Good price in a timely fashion. Thank you

I have not yet received

I will not let this judge my rating completely bc I get it right now with these times but I’m hoping to receive it within 10 days though.

Secret Jardin Ducting Flange for 0.63" Poles

Bubble Magic Washing Machines
Buying seeds

From ordering to receive, all went well. I will definitely buy here again.

Gorilla Grow Tent Grow Room Net Trellis

Scorpion led

Awesome Light fast shipping

Great product - as expected

As expected, the trellis lives up.

I would like to see the flexibility for the use in other tents and more trellis holes - twice as many.

The negative is the shipping cost and delivery time to SE. Note ships out Within 24 hours to DHL >train across US >local USPS> ... any way too long for when you need it.

Rating: 4 out 5 flowers


Love this for its antifungal.

Much appreciated

Always great and ships quickly!

A Monkey Fan That Works

First, great team. My first fan had a problem and they replaced it. The new fan is great. And it actually has an "expected fan life" chart on the side that tells you how long you can expect the fan to last depending on how many hour of operaton.

Snoops Premium Nutrients Bloom Soil A Non-Circulating Soil

Product arrived safely thanks again GSS team just started using it in beginning of flower an can tell a different already will be ordering Humboldt County's products again
through you guys.

Works Great!

After just two days buds swelling up nicely, stickier and ickier than before i applied it.


It’s killer!!

Good product

Strong sturdy bags good price

. Thank you so very much .

You guys always get a five star ratings for me. Great customer service, great product, and product delivered on time. You guys are great. Love doing business with you. Thank you so very much .

Humboldt countys own

They have the best products out there. After using a different brand for years, I tried HCO after a friend told me about them. After 4 harvests my plants are healthier, bigger and tastier. Great product, the whole line of products is superior, in my opinion, to anything else ou there.
T. Woods


This product is great, I use the whole NPK Industries products, my plants are large and health, the stalks are big and have no problem holding the fruits

Humboldt County's Own Deep Fusion Bloom/Soil

Humboldt County's Own Crystal Burst